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The most efficient therapy is treatment of the pathogen causing the infection, not the patient. The use of empiric antimicrobial therapy can be a risky approach to treatment as there is risk of severe side effects including increased immune resistance, infection from microorganisms with long latency to the host, and the development of resistance to existing drugs. Antimicrobial resistance is a rapidly increasing issue, with over 30% of drugs now being used on an emergency basis and 60% of antibiotics being acquired via the prescription drug program. There is a huge amount about resistance in the pharmaceutical industry which can only be resolved with an understanding of its complex molecular mechanisms and effects on normal organisms and the human host. Antimicrobial resistance occurs on a massive scale. More than 60% of antibiotics discovered in the last 60 years do not work and have become increasingly resistant over time. All antibiotics must remain in a constant state of development, which is considered the primary reason for rapid drug resistance, https://big-pharmacy24.com.
One of the most dramatic cases of antibiotic resistance is metronidazole resistance due to which several pharmaceutical drugs (notably, ciprofloxacin (Cipro) and triclosan (Clorox)) were abandoned in the United States. The reason for this abrupt withdrawal of these antibiotic classes was explained to the World Health Organization’s Food and Agriculture Organization in 1987: “In 1985 the World Health Assembly decided to ban all applications of a class of drugs called non-surgical chemotherapy for therapeutic agents because of their rapid-tolerance nature . . . and because it made no sense . . . to maintain such dangerous and ineffective drugs for an extremely long time until they could be reduced to their original applications.”

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