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The United Nations High Commission on Research on Health (UNHRC) describes metronidazole as: “a widely used, extremely expensive and easily abused, nonmedicinal alternative to chemotherapy .” This drug class that has become increasingly resistant to existing drugs has caused severe side effects, including respiratory problems, skin irritations, skin necrosis, fever, nausea, and loss of appetite.
Antibiotic resistance also leads to the creation of “preclinical mutants” which are resistant to current therapeutics on the basis of a lack of resistance to a given drug class in living organisms, https://buyantibiotics24.com. An example of this form of resistance is known as “preclinical mutagenesis,” which can develop rapidly in some bacteria An antiretroviral drug or vaccine is used to reverse viral infections caused by HIV-1, hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS. Most of the vaccines are administered as whole sprays or injectable solutions which have a shelf life of months to years. Antiretrovirals may also be administered on a small-scale basis and also are often administered in combination in combination with oral or intravaginal antiretroviral drugs.

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