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Windy Hill Mission Statement

“The mission of Windy Hill on the Campus is to create a community of people dedicated to learning, growth, mutual support and social interaction.”

Windy Hill Donors, Members and Friends
are the Best!

Thanks to you, Windy Hill on the Campus had 184 donors raise over $18,000 in the 2nd Annual Give Local York event held last Friday!  This amount will be matched through a $225,000 stretch pool, which means we succeeded in raising our goal of $20,000!  These funds will go towards our, much needed, improvements to our facility in the coming year.
Friday, May 3, 2019 will go down in history as a momentous day in which residents came together to celebrate the work of over 300 nonprofits.  Give Local York raised $3,020,619.09, achieving their goal of $3 million!   Over 8,548 individuals and organizations contributed these funds to 317 York County nonprofits!  We, sincerely, wish to express our appreciation to everyone who donated, volunteered and helped to spread the word.

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