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Zoom Painting Class with Pat Isch

Thursday, April 15th Pat Isch will lead us in another virtual painting class. To get prepared for the field of flowers painting, it was decided that this month we will be having a practice class learning how to paint petals and leaves.

We will be painting a field of flowers during the April class. See the sample of flowers shown on this page.

For this class you will need specific items.

Supplies needed:
Acrylic Paints (Below are the colors Pat used in the example, but you can use colors of your choice)
Eggplant (Purple)
Thicket (Green)
Plate (to put your paints)
Brush 1/2 flat 5
cotton swab (like Qtips)
water (to rinse brush)
Blow dryer to (speed up drying) Canvas of choice- I’m using 8x10 canvas board

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Zoom Meeting ID: 
843 3564 5505
Passcode: 1472

Pat Isch is a Windy Hill member and local crafter. She didn't realize her skills in arts & crafts until her mid-40s. She has been teaching craft classes for quite some time. Currently she enjoys creating wood carvings while spending time at her cabin.

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